Electronic data exchange with OCI and EDI

Electronic data exchange at HAHN+KOLB

As a customer of HAHN+KOLB, you not only have the option of ordering in our online shop, you can also exchange electronic data directly with our systems. This significantly simplifies procurement processes, reduces your administrative workload and delivers cost savings.

We use the OCI and EDI interface systems to transfer and exchange data quickly. All you need to take advantage of this is a suitable enterprise resource planning system. The interfaces are independent of your hardware, your operating system and your national language.


OCI - the catalogue data interface

(Open Catalogue Interface)

An OCI interface to our online shop lets you exchange product data and shopping carts directly with your own enterprise resource planning system. You fill the shopping cart and then the data is transferred to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This direct connection simplifies and therefore speeds up your approval processes. The connection to our ordering systems reduces your procurement and process costs.

The benefits for you:

  • Access to current item data
  • No double entry
  • All data is in your ERP system
  • Save time with the order, the goods receipt, and invoice verification

In addition, our online shop can also be used as a PunchOut solution for the ARIBA and COUPA platforms.

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EDI - electronic document exchange

(Electronic Data Interchange)

EDI can be used to create a direct connection between your e-procurement system and our enterprise resource planning system, so you can send orders to our system electronically. This electronic exchange of orders, order confirmations, shipping notifications and invoices reduces the manual workload and therefore also the potential for errors, saving you time and money.
Take advantage of our experience in this field.

Partial steps can also be carried out with electronic data exchange (e.g. order and order confirmations).

The benefits for you:

  • Increased process reliability
  • Reduced probability of error
  • Time and money savings

Query form: Electronic connection

We support -

Message types such as:
> IDoc XML
> openTRANS
> Other formats on request

Document formats such as:
> ORDERS (order)
> ORDRSP (order confirmation)
> DESADV (shipping notification)
> INVOIC (invoice)


Data exchange via:
> More on request


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