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The HAHN+KOLB Catalogue English 2019/20

Edition 9 | International

This catalogue contains a selected assortment with more than 30,000 international bestseller products covering our main business areas Metal Cutting, General Tools, Workshop Equipment and much more.


As PDF file for download: Catalogue Edition 9



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The world of machining

Individual Factory Equipment

Individual factory equipment

We have what it takes

Our best Offers

Our best offers

The latest deals from HAHN+KOLB

Heavy-duty Bench

Heavy-duty bench

Dynamic load capacity
up to 2000 kg!

Individual Solutions

Individual Solutions

For better organisation

Professional 3D Printing

Professional 3D printing

With the patented Multex4Move print head

Procurement solutions

Procurement solutions

E-business and systems from HAHN+KOLB

ATORN easy 3D

ATORN easy 3D

3D coordinate measuring instrument

ATORN image brochure

ATORN image brochure

The ultimate tool brand