The HK-MAT dispensing system

Tool dispensing system HK-MAT

The HK-MAT is a dispensing system from HAHN+KOLB. It stocks all important tools, consumables and equipment needed by your production and consumption makes them available to your employees as a tool management system.

The machine monitors and logs each removal. If an article is only available in small quantities, the HK-MAT generates an automated reorder: this ensures that all of the important work resources are available around the clock.

Only authorised personnel will have access to the dispensing system. The logging and tracking of dispensing is automated and thus enables simplified tool management. Short ways and quick access increase productivity in your company.

HAHN+KOLB has a suitable dispending system for every kind of tool. The use of a uniform software enables the arbitrary combination of different modules.


The different HK-MAT models

A filled tool dispensing cabinet.

Select, depending on the intended use:

  • Automated drawers (DR)
  • Extractor system (FP)
  • Rotational dispenser (RT)
  • Spiral dispenser (HX)

The automated dispensing system offers plenty of space and stocks tools from different manufacturers.


The HK-MAT-process

  • Identification options for individual access
    RFID, PIN code or barcode
  • Simple storage of items
    barcode scanner
  • Options for fast item search
    barcode scanner, free text search, category filter or direct removal on sight
  • Automated re-ordering
    electronic ordering directly from HAHN+KOLB, other suppliers or your ERP system


Your advantages:

  • Overview of all costs, stock and consumption.
  • The dispensing machine stocks tools from different manufacturers.
  • Resources are safely stored in the dispensing system and are permanently available.
  • Consumption monitoring and analysis you have no tool shrinkage and no unnecessary stock.
  • A connection between HK-MAT and PPS and ERP systems avoids staffing costs and shortens internal processes.


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